Beauty Care Tips for Pregnant Women

Make sure you get enough sleep (you need a little more sleep now than usual). Never allow yourself to feel exhausted.

Avoid any strenuous exercising, especially in the first three months. Do, however, get your daily quota of fresh air by going for a short walk.

Feet: Avoid wearing high heels - they'll only. give you back trouble. Wear comfortable, well-fitting shoes with a medium heel.

Legs: Get into the habit of propping your legs up on a stool or cushion when you sit. Sit rather than stand whenever you can. Stand when you must with your feet slightly apart, balancing your weight evenly on both your legs.

Skin: If during the first three months you suddenly develop spots on your face and chest, don't worry too much - this is just a temporary phase and it has to do with the usual hormonal changes that take place when you become pregnant.

Just don't ignore your skin. Follow your regular skincare program.
If, however, you find that your skin becomes drier than usual, make sure that you use a cleanser instead of soap for cleansing your skin.

Nourish your skin well, especially at bedtime.

Teeth: It is of the greatest importance to consult a dentist in the earlier -stages of pregnancy. For at this time the growing baby draws on your reserves of calcium to some extent, and this may cause some dental problems.

Hair: Usually hair grows thick, abundant and glossy during the nine months. If, however, you find that yours becomes lank and difficult, treat it to a good conditioner.

After your baby is born, you may be alarmed at the amount of hair you lose. But this is actually quite normal. What you're losing is, in fact, the hair you would have lost during the nine months in the usual course of events even if you hadn't been pregnant.

Morning Sickness: Morning sickness can sometimes be avoided by eating a small piece of dry toast or a digestive biscuit just as you wake up in the morning.

Remember always to eat a good breakfast.

After the first four months, nausea stops being a serious problem, Hair and skin conditions also improve.

Make-up: Keep your make-up to a minimum; you probably won't need much of it anyway.

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