What can I do for Lines and Wrinkles?

Once you have lines and wrinkles, you can get rid of them only by plastic surgery. Massage and facial exer­cises can help prevent lines (but it cannot remove the old ones already on the face). By toning up the muscles and nourishing it, you can get rid of lines and wrinkles. There are several basic movements of massage such as stroking, vibrating, pressing, kneading, pinching, squeezing, percus­sion. rapping, patting and clapping.

Remember, whether you have lumpy, flabby, withered or sallow skin or wrinkles, your face can regain the ap­pearance of youth under the action of your own fingers. But you must help your daily self massage by thorough daily hygiene and a sensible diet. Lines and wrinkles usually appear on the forehead, temples, eyes, nose, cheeks, mouth and chin. Massage routine need only take a quarter of an hour. It keeps the muscles of the face and neck firm, forestalls the appearance of wrinkles and ugly concentrations of fat. stimulates the circulation and induces complete relaxation of the face.

To ensure these results, the self-massage must be as follows:

1. Toning, by means of rapid and energetic movements.

2. Calming, by means of slow and relaxing movements.

The best time to self-massage your face is at night before going to bed. Your features will feel more relaxed when you get up the following morning and your day-time make-up will look better. Before starting your self-massage, apply a vitamin cream (massage cream) to your face but not too thick. Allow your hand to run smoothly over your skin. To refine features which have a tendency to plump­ness use a slimming cream.

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