Easy Guide to Lovely, Sparkling Eyes

Bright eyes indicate glowing good health and vitality. If you are not healthy, your eyes will become dull and give a strained look. Much of a woman's magnetism and charm depend upon clear, lovely and sparkling eyes. The first and the most basic requirement for beautiful eyes is a good diet. The best vitamin for healthy eyes is Vitamin A. A diet which is rich will help to make eyes shine with health.

Strain, glare, dust particles and city fumes are among the main enemies of lovely eyes. Sleep is vital for bright shining eyes. Without sleep they become blood shot and tired-looking. Eight hours night sleep is a must. You can avoid strain by reading only in good light and by making sure that you can see clearly before undertaking any close work such as sewing or writing. Beware of the sun's rays and glare during the hot summer months. Eye strain and irritation can be relieved' and minimized by a good relaxing, eye-lotion used at bed time. This method cleans the eye area thoroughly, tones up tired, worn-out muscles and takes care of minor impurities. Half fill a pot having a wide mouth, with a mild solution so that the eyes can roll and move freely in the solution. Now rotate eye-balls in the solution. Beware of using the same lotion on both the eyes, because if there is a mild infection or inflammation in one eye, you will carry it to the other also.

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