Complete Guide to Eye Massage

Do not rub the skin around eyes when you apply cream around them. The correct method is to start from the inner side of the eye moving towards the pulse spots. Exactly the same method should be applied for the upper lid. The correct method for the massage is as below:

(a) Pinch the eyebrows working from the nose out. Squeeze the eyebrows using the forefinger and thumb. This releases the eye tension and strain. Repeat seven times.

(b) Using the second and third fingers stroke around the eyes, applying pressure at the bridge of the nose and at the temples. Remember, do not pull or drag the delicate skin around the eyes.

(c) In the end, wipe off the residual grease, and apply a little skin tonic or mineral water, which makes your skin soft and glowing.

To maintain eye-health and lower eye tension, there are several easy exercises. For the self lubrication of eyes, either blink your eyes rapidly for fifty times or rotate eye­balls in a complete circle, first clockwise and then anti­clockwise, several times.

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