Herbal Tonics for Toning

Always follow your cleansing routine by toning your skin with a mild skin freshener or with a medium stren­gth skin tonic. Toning removes greasiness remaining from cleansing preparations, closes pores, refines the skin and if you intend to make-up, it leaves a smooth clean texture which will hold the foundation and powder for long.

Basically skin tonics freshen the skin. The cheapest toner is simply to splash your face with cold water. Skin tonics are generally composed of infusions of herbs, flowers, vinegar, rosewater and witch-hazel. Stronger skin tonics or astringents dry the skin removing all traces of oil on the skin. They are suitable for greasy skins. A void using very strong astringents for any type of skin, as the harsh action of the alcohol toughens and coarsens the skin and prevents it from functioning normally.

Normally you should use your tonic or astringent with a piece of cotton wool, but if your skin is looking sluggish, pat it on with a brisk slapping movement. Toning stimu­lates the blood supply to the skin. Moisten folded cotton wool with your skin tonic and pat on the cheeks, the neck and chin. A void any areas with broken veins.

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