Washing Your Body

The superstition that soap and water are bad for the skin arose in the days when soaps were very alkaline and did tend to dry and irritate the skin.

With the advancement of techniques in the world, modern soaps often have lanolin and other oils to counter­act this drying effect. Cleansing thoroughly is a must for the skin, as the skin needs to be free from all oils and grease to allow it to breathe freely.

One of the most invaluable aids to a good skin is a complexion brush. Soap the skin and scrub. Use a small circular movement. The scrubbing stimulates the skin, brings blood to the surface, removes dead cells, smooths and cleans.

An Amazing Washing Secret

Soap your face well, adding a small handful of sugar to the lather. Massage this in for a couple of minutes, then rinse off with warm water. This scrub is good for a spotty and a sluggish looking skin.

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