Shout! {Music in the Park}

This is only about 1/3 of the crowd that showed up!

Remember how I started writing regular posts about our Music in the Park outdoor concerts? (Yeah, I should never try to do things like this - I almost never complete them!) Anyway, the one concert that I look forward to most took place a week and a half ago! My family knows that it is mandatory to attend this concert and no one ever makes excuses to skip out.

MANDATORY! Guess who the most enthusiastic one was...
Who was playing, you ask? It was a Beatles tribute band called Shout! (if you're ever in Michigan, check to see if these guys are playing near you.) Little Guy's favorite DVD all summer has been Yellow Submarine (I swear, we sometimes have it playing 2-3 times a day. I hate to admit this, but I'm kinda getting sick of it!) Oh, and ever since he was just a few days old, we've used a CD I made of John Lennon's slower songs to put him to sleep every night. Just seeing that kid's face when he saw the group on stage was worth going down to the park. He was actually star-struck!

Little Guy's Musical hero - John Lennon!

Shout! played three sets - each with different costumes. The first was the Fab Four black suits and Beatles haircuts, the second was the Sergeant Pepper's outfits, and finally (this was new) they came out dressed as the Beatles were on the cover of Abby Road - Paul was even barefoot!

Needless to say, we all ended up having an amazing time. Little Guy even got into the fun by repeatedly requesting "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" at the top of his lungs between songs. They even played one of my favorites - Rain. There's one line at the end of that song that is recorded backward on the track. They got it perfectly! Oh, and I have to brag - I managed to impress both my sons when I showed them I knew all the words to "I Am the Walrus" (goo-goo-ga-joob!)

By the time the group was through, we were all thoroughly exhausted. It was a hot and humid night and, with the crowd that was there, the little bit of breeze we had wasn't noticeable. Unfortunately, we had to stay a little longer than expected. You see, as I was packing up our stuff, I looked around and saw a ton of trash laying everywhere. I couldn't believe the mess that was left behind. It's not as if there were no trash cans - they were everywhere! So, much to the kids' dismay, we stayed and cleaned up the best we could. I know the park has workers that would come the next day, but I just couldn't leave it like that. The park is on the river, which leads to Lake Erie. We were expecting rain and wind overnight, so I could just imagine how much of the mess would be blow away. Anyway, we did our good deed and even managed to make a few bucks - cans and bottles are worth $0.10 each when you recycle them in Michigan!

Not cool... I'm very disappointed in the people who live in our community.
Stay tuned - This weekend we will be attending the yearly River Raisin Jazz Festival and Fine Arts Fair!!! Three days of music and art! I can't wait...

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