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Hi everyone,

A few days ago, I watched Katy Perry's new music video "Last Friday Night (T.G.I.F)". Her colorful 80s retro look caught my eyes and I told myself I had to recreate her blue and purple look (screen shots below.)

The perm, the bright makeup, and those plastic earrings remind me of the 80s. I remember some of my cousins used to rock those perms with sky-high bangs. Remember them? Good times :)

With the aide of my trusted Urban Decay Book of Shadows III, I recreated the look. Turns out it's not so difficult. After some serious blending, here is the result:

I heart the 80s, yeah?
Wanna know how I did this look? Jump!

Stuff I used
For the eyes, I used Radium, Rockstar, Psychedelic Sister, and Uzi

You know why all these pictures have mascara smudges? Because they are the ones that  shows the colors. The other ones I took afterwards without the smudges were blurry. Tres strange!

  • MAC Bare Canvas as a primary base; a white eyeliner (can use NYX Milk jumbo eyeliner) as a secondary base
  • Radium (blue) on the eyelid, Rockstar on the outer-v blending in, Psychedelic Sister on the crease. Blend blend blend :)
  • Uzi to highlight (use a light hand. This stuff is glitter center.)
  • Eyeliner: ELF waterproof eyeliner
  • Mascara: Yves Rocher Luminelle ultra volume mascara in Noire
  • Eyebrow powder: Ardell mink brown

  • Adorned with Grace mineral foundation in Grace 3.5
  • Blush: Rimmel London lasting finish blush in Autumn Catwalk
  • Lipstick: Za lipstick in Pink Pearl

Katy Perry is famous for her lashes and big eyes. Here is my failed attempt to imitate her. (Oh, my lashes! Can you see them?)
Look at mah chain, mah chain, mah chain :P
Also, if you notice how luminous my skin looks, I didn't use any bronzers or hightlighters or anything. Just natural sunlight and some sweat (<- my secret right there!) Yes, it was hot and I thought my makeup would melt off my skin. Thankfully, it didn't and I had to hurry up or else the foundation would be gone.

I hope you'll have a nice weekend. Enjoy!

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