Does Your Brush Hang Low?

Hi everybody,

I have a question for you:

Does your brush hang low? Does it wobble to the flo'? Does it shine in the light? Is it platinum, is it gold?

Ok, I totally copied Jibbs's "Chain Hang Low" here but I found a way to hang my brushes to dry.

KAPOW! Awesome, yeah?
How to do it: wrap a rubber band around your brush's handle, then insert a clothespin before hanging it on the  hanger
Doesn't matter how wide your brush is, as long as you can wrap the rubber band around it. Also, you don't even need to use the clothespin, I used a butterfly clip to hang the brush on the left. It worked!
I wish I came up with this idea. Miss Tiffany Ma on YouTube came up with it first. I gave it a try since I have a whole lot of brushes and not enough place to dry them properly. I washed 12-13 of my most frequently used brushes and only used 2 small hangers to dry them, instead of the whole table! Hanging my brushes upside down has one advantage over the drying on the ledge method that I usually do: the water does not back into the ferrule. This is important if you have giant and dense synthetic brushes like my kabuki and flat top brushes. They take forever to dry and when the surfaces seem dry, the insides are still wet. But with this method, the brushes get to dry from the ferrule down to the surface. In fact, all my big brushes were really dry when I took them inside. They smell lovely, too.

Thank you Tiffany for the lovely tip. You guys should wash your brushes and give this a try, ya?

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