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Happy Friday! Once in a while, I'm into a makeup mood that I have a constant desire to play with my color stash to create different looks. For those who know Everyday Minerals, their blushes are very gorgeous. Every time I order a set, I have to throw in some blushes. The one thing most people do not aware of EDM blushes is their versatility. These blushes are true multi-taskers: they can work as highlighters, contourers, bronzers, eye shadows, and blushes (duh!) My favorite way to use them is as eye shadows: they seem to be as pigmented as EDM eye shadows but in much bigger size. A full size EDM eye shadow is the same size as a mini size blush jar (the mini size is now in makeup heaven after EDM decided to reorganize their jar sizes to save space.)

Some blushes I have are dedicated to be used as eye shadows while others manage to multitask. In this FOTD, originally I just wanted to play with Peach Tree but ended up pulling out more eye shadows to do the eyes. The multitasking offenders are:

First row: Peach Tree and Launch Party
Second row: Wet Sand and Favorite Hoodie

The detail of this look is described after the jump

All products are from EDM unless otherwise noted.

Closed eye
  • Launch Party applied dry all over the lid using MAC 239 brush;
  • Peach Tree applied wet (foiled) from the inner corner to the center of the lid using the same brush;
  • Favorite Hoodie applied dry at the outer corner of the lid and slightly contour to accent the eyes using a blending brush;
  • Wet Sand applied underneath the eyebrows using the same blending brush;
  • With a slanted liner brush, foiled Favorite Hoodie and applied as an eyeliner;
  • Apply several coats of mascaras to finish the eyes.
Open eyes, minus mascara

Cheeks: using a blush brush, apply Peach Tree to the cheeks, then highlight with Wet Sand.

Lips: dip a lip balm into Peach Tree and apply as a lip color. (Peach Tree is lip safe)

Here's how Peach Tree look on my lips. It's really shimmery!

Face: Start to Finish powder in Sunlight, Multi-Intensive concealer as a foundation (it worked but looked quite blotchy), and Natural Reflections Light.

Some extra pictures: I snapped myself to silly-dom that day :)

"Deer caught in a headlight" look

"I'm like a flower" look, recycled from a music recital when I was around 3 years old.
(It was a popular pose back then!)

"Big holla to my Azn homies" look

Peach Tree blush is too warm for me but it is a very well-rounded product. For warm-toned ladies, this blush is perfect for you. Rumours have it, EDM has this blush in the chopping block so if you want it, please get it before Peach Tree goes to makeup heaven.

I hope you have a nice weekend. As always, stay gorgeous!

Take care,
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