Herbs and Herbal Beauty Tips

Some of the essential herbs for making herbal products at home are here.


Alcohol: Alcohol is an antiseptic. It is used in astringents and act as a solvent in oils.

Almond: Almonds are used in making face packs. It is a good cleanser and it nourishes skin. Almond is also used as almond oil. Almond oil is used widely to prepare homemade herbal products. Almond oil is good for skin beauty care.

Apple: Apple is a fruit and it is acidic in nature. Apple nourishes and keeps the skin glowing.

Apricot: Apricot is a fruit, rich in vitamin A. Apricot’s pulp is used as face masks. Apricot oil is used in nourishing creams for skin beauty care.

Avocado: Avocado is rich in vitamin. Pulp of avocado is used as Face masks and oil in nourishing creams.


Banana: Banana is used as face masks; it is very good skin tightening masks.

Barley: Barley is a wild herb. Barley has great nutritional value, as it is rich in Vitamin B and Iron. In addition, barley has lots of medicinal value. It cools body and strengthened the nerves.

Basil: Basil is popularly known as Tulsi. Basil has strong medicinal value.

Beer: It is used to wash face also, it prevents skin rashes. Beer is used to wash hairs and to set hairs.
Bicarbonate Soda: it is an acid salt of carbonic acid used for cosmetics and it is used to clean teeth.

Blackberry: Blackberries are good for anemic people. It is used in lotion for skin beauty care. These berries are rich in Vitamin C.

Borax: It is commonly known as Suhaga. It is a Colorless transparent crystal with detergent and antiseptic properties.

Bran: Bran is choker, used in bath softening. Bran is used in preparing masks for face.

Buttermilk: It is used as cleanser bleaching agent. It is good for oily skin.


Cabbage: Cabbage is rich in Vitamins and Minerals.

Calamine Lotion: Calamine lotion is an alkaline lotion to soothe irritated skin. It contains lime water, glycerin, zinc oxide and calamine.

Camphor: Camphor is white crystalline substance and is used as antiseptic. It can be used in two ways either camphor cake or camphor spirit.

Camphor oil: It is used in aching muscles and in massage cremes.

Carrot: Carrot is rich in Vitamin A. Pulp of carrot can be used in making face-cleansing mask. Carrot oil is used in nourishing eye creme and its juice is used in face masks.

Castor Oil: Castor oil is used in various hair products.

Clove: Clove is commonly known as Laung. Clove is aromatic spice used in making skin tonics and face masks.

Cocoa Butter: Cocoa Butter is solidified oil from roasted cocoa beans. It is used in massage creams for dry skins.

Corn Oil: Corn Oil is also known as Gram seed oil. It is a heavy vegetable oil, used to make body and face creams.

Corn Milk: Corn milk is rich in Vitamin A and magnesium. It is used on dry skins.

Cucumber: Cucumber is commonly known as Kheera. It is slightly astringent, cool, refreshing, and used in lotions, creams and masks.

Dried Milk: It nourishes skin and used in thickening face masks.

Eggs: Egg is very useful aid to beauty. Yolk of egg is used to nourish and white is for drying and tightening. It is used in face masks and as hair conditioner.

Emulsifying wax B.P: It is extremely useful for stabilizing creams. It is made from Ceto Stearyl alcohol and sodium lauryl sulphate.

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