Chicken Poop Lip Junk: a Review

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Happy Memorial Day! How's the barbecue going? Remember me? And remember this stunt I pulled on April Fools' Day? Well, although this is quite an overdue assignment, I did locate a Chicken Poop lip balm to do a review for y'alls. And what a trip it is to have a tube of Chicken Poop in my life!

Chicken Poop, located :)

The lip balms are packed in a box that resembles a chicken
(for real!)

Apparently, people at Simone's Chicken Bone took the "poop" concept too far!

And now, the review of Chicken Poop Lip Junk

I have to admit I am not a lip balm person although I do need it in winter time. It's just that the waxy texture of the balms throws me off. The most common type that I use is Chapstick: at a dollar a pop, it is hard to beat. Also, it has a lot of different scents. I remember getting addicted to Chapstick medicated lip balm in freshman year. I always had a tube in my pocket and applied, applied, and reapplied the whole day long. The problem of Chapstick is the texture: it's kind of dry and waxy.

The most amazing lip balm I've ever used is from Nivea. It is what Chapstick does not have: smoothness, moisture, and pleasant scent. The one from France was off the chain and until Nivea sold their balms in the U.S, the only options hardcore Nivea lip balm fans had were (a) hit up a friend or relative who lived across the pond for some of them or (b) join a scavenger hunt in New York to get yourself some of the goodness.

With all that said, the European Nivea lip balm is great. I still do not dare to get the one sold in the U.S market because I do not want to let myself down again. So when I heard about Chicken Poop, I was (a) thinking this is just another lip balm, (b) laughing at the name, and (c) searching for a place that sells this stuff. This may be my new Nivea balm, after all these times.

Lucky me, my local health food store has a healthy supply of balms and other natural makeup. And they do sell the zanier of the zaniest products there, Chicken Poop included! At $2.29 USD a pop, Chicken Poop is not so wallet-friendly (a tube of Chapstick costs 99 cents at Walmart!) However, the funny chicken box won me over and I reached my hand deep into that hole to pull out a balm, tossed it in the basket, and ran to the checkout line. I could not wait to go home to try it out. "It'd better be good," I thought, "I can get 2 Chapsticks for this kind of money!'

An artsy picture of Chicken Poop

"Contains no poop", glad to know!
Ingredients: non GMO soybean oil, beeswax, jojoba oil, lavender essential oil, sweet orange essential oil
The first time I used Chicken Poop, it was kind of strange. Since I was so used to the waxy texture of Chapstick, Chicken Poop felt thinner on my lips. However, it sinked in quite nicely and after a short while, started to feel really comfortable. The lavender scent is strong but pleasant, I did not detect so much of sweet orange in the balm. Chicken Poop applies smoother than Chapstick and it almost feel as velvety as my HG Nivea balm. After the first night, I woke up with moist lips that looked perky.

For a long time, I did not have chapped lips after a night of sleep which was a huge success. I guess the lavender scent keeps me from licking my lips although I am not a lip licker. Another thing I noticed is how infrequent I need to apply Chicken Poop. For some reasons, the need to reapply lip balm just vanished. I guess once my lips are moist enough, I do not fell like applying lip balm anymore. So, in a long run it is more economical to buy Chicken Poop than Chapstick.

A promo shot :)
If you notice, this balm does not give you a shiny look but it is not matte either. It feels like a moist gloss to me.

Price: $2.29 at health food store, $2.69 at
My rating: A+

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Yeah, I'm talking about me here, folks! I've been out since the last post thanked to two colds that overlapped each other. I do not enjoy getting sick but feel like I have more than my share of sickness for this year already. I really missed blogging during that time because I could not sit in front of the computer without feeling dizzy. To entertain myself, I read a bunch of makeup and beauty books and will do some reviews on them soon.

I'm glad you are still here and this blog has not been taken over by spammers, thanked to my strict comment moderation.

I hope you're having a fun Memorial Day and please come back soon!

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