Essential herbs for home made beauty remedies

There are many herbs for homemade beauty remedies. Herbs are the essential part of homemade beauty tips. Herbal beauty tips starts with knowledge of herbs. Some essential herbs for natural beauty care remedies are here.


Fennel: This herb is for cleansing of the skin. It is used in steaming water to cleanse the face skin. Fennel is also useful for slimming.

Fitkari (Alum): It is a powder of yellow or white in color. It has an astringent property. It is used in lotions and as a dry shampoo to remove sweat and dirt.

Fuller’s Mud: It is commonly known as Multani Mitti. It is clay rich in minerals. It is used in face masks for cleansing of the skin. It is also good for hair and used as shampoo.


Garlic: Garlic is an antiseptic.

Gelatin: Gelatin is a rich source of protein. It is useful for hair conditioning and diluted as setting lotions for hairs. It is also used in nail hardening creams.

Glycerin: It is used in face creams and lotions. It is good for dry skin as it holds moisture.

Grapes: Grapes are acidic in nature. It is good for skin cleansing and bleaching.

Groundnut Oil: It is also known as peanut oil. Groundnut oil is a vegetable oil used in face creams and body lotions.

Gum resin: Gum resin is used for stabilizing the creams.


Henna: It is also known as mehandi. Henna has a cooling property. It is used as hair conditioner and hair dye. Henna is also for hands and feet decoration by applying in various artistic designs.

Honey: Honey is useful for nourishing and softening the skin. It is used widely in face masks, creams and lotions. It is good for dry skin as it provides moisture to skin.

Houseleek: This herb is used as healing and astringent in lotions.


Jasmine Oil: It is an aromatic oil of jasmine flower. It is used as perfume in many herbal beauty products.


Kaolin: Kaolin is fine clay used for absorption purpose in masks.

Kelp: It is seaweed rich in minerals. It is used in masks. It is good for spotty skin.

Kohl: It is a black powder used to outline eyes.


Lanolin: Lanolin is a kind of fat. It is used for moisturizing and softening the skin.

Lavender: Lavender is flower with refreshing fragrance. It is widely used to have scented bath. It is good for nerves, cures cough and is ant paralytic. It is also used as mouth wash. Lavender oil is useful in headaches, relaxes joints and muscles.

Lecithin: Lecithin is highly nutritious powder. It is a soft yellow powder found in egg yolk and soybean.

Lemon: Lemon is rich in Vitamin C. It is acidic in nature and used as astringent and bleach. It is used in skin tonics and creams.

Lemon balm: Lemon balm is good for cleansing the skin.

Lemon peel: Lemon peel is rich in oil. This oil is aromatic oil and is used for face masks.

Lettuce: It is known as chuqandar also. Lettuce is rich in minerals, iron and vitamins. It has a cooling nature and it is good for sunburn reddish.


Marigold: Marigold is an orange color flower. It is a disinfectant herb. Marigold has a strong effect on ulcer and open sores. The flowers may be eaten raw or can be applied as a lotion. Marigold is good for oily skin as it reduces oil.

Marshmallow: Marshmallow is found on wasteland. It is one the best herbal cough remedies. On its external application, it reduces soreness in the breasts.

Mayonnaise: It nourishes skin and used as face masks. Mayonnaise is also a good hair conditioner.

Melon: It is used on dry skin for refreshing and cleaning the skin.

Milk: Milk is useful for softening and cleaning the skin. It nourishes skin well.
Mineral Oil: It is colorless and non-penetrating oil. It is used in creams.

Mint: This herb is famous for its scent. Mint tea is useful in proper digestion, revival of appetite. Also pepper mint and spearmint is a useful herb. It is used for scented bath; peppermint helps in curing skin problems.

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