Spring Makeover: My New Hair and Eyebrows

Hi everybody,

It's Monday again and finally, spring is here! In my neck of the woods, the weather is cooling and very sunny. I actually enjoy it when it is cool so I am savoring every single day of this kind of weather. Soon, it is going to get scorching hot and humid which I do not prefer to endure.

After the big kahuna brush collection post, I felt exhilarating and exhausted at the same time. Who said reviewing a sleuth of brushes is easy?! Anyways, the lust for makeup brushes does not calm down and right now I am tempted to order some couple of brushes that I have not had. I know it's like a sickness as no amount of brushes is enough for me at the moment.

And guess what? After all these talks about the weather and brushes, I have news for you...

... I just got a haircut recently and it was awesome! As usual, I went to Aveda Institute to get dolled up but this time it was a bit different. Apparently, the economy is not as rosy and it affects the service people and to stimulate their institute, my local Aveda Institute had an open house for their loyal customers. The event gives 20% off to products and appointments and you can't imagine how many people came with their calendars to book appointments for the future (they allow you to book up to 3 appointments ahead.) Since my hair was getting long, I booked an appointment for the following day. If you have not been in an open house at Aveda, you really miss out a lot of things. They gave me free hand, neck, and shoulder massages, makeup application, and hair consultation. I also got an eyebrow waxing for 5 dollars, the money is donated to a charity.

New hair: same layered look but with more volume

I think I just ate right before taking the pictures so there was no lipstick, boo hoo!

Overall, the haircut was fantastic: the student in training who did my hair gave me lots of volume and used 4-5 different products on my hair. She gave me a wonderful blow out and I came out of the salon with my hair looking like Eva Longoria's! The whole experience was so wonderful that I thought I got a $200 haircut for less than 10 dollars, thanks to the 20% discount!

New eyebrows :)

For my eyebrows, it was my first waxing experience at Aveda and let me tell you this: it did not hurt at all! Usually, I would scream my head off or cry whenever I got an eyebrow wax. However, the wax that Aveda uses is plant base and very gentle to the skin. I came out of the salon looking normal as there was no redness on the areas that were waxed at all! Usually, the eyebrow waxing costs $10 at my local Aveda Institute but I got mine done for cheap, score! The student who did my brows was so nice and patient. I told her my brow issue (each of them have their own shapes) and she inspected them before started waxing the unwanted hair off. After some minutes later, the eyebrows looked more like sisters than strangers and my face looked more open as well. Really, some minor changes in your brows make a big impact on how your face looks overall.

Ever since I came to the Sunshine State, I was struggling to find a good hair salon to give me good haircuts until I found Aveda Institute. If there is one near your place, you should get advantage of their services as the price is very affordable and they give good services. Also, all products used during your visit are Aveda's and they are all plant-derived and/or from natural sources. Aveda takes pride in formulating their products and I've seen significant changes in my hair since I started using Brilliant and Phomollient. Since I started going to Aveda Institue, the only hair days I've got are good hair days. Just imagine how wonderful life has been to me!

That's all for Monday, I hope you'll have a good week ahead.

Take care and stay gorgeous,
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