Adorned with Grace Minerals Shimmer Blushes: Part Two

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Spring break is here but unfortunately, and as usual, I have no spring break. At the moment, I am taking a break to type this blog entry before going back to do some statistics for my thesis. Sad, I know, but the sooner I finish with this mess the data, the sooner I can write my discussion and conclusion. This morning I realized I'm actually in chapter 4, not chapter 3, as chapter 1 is about the abstract and rationale of my work (woo hoo!) So now, it looks like the thesis is going to have six chapters instead of five and I am aiming for ~100 pages. With my long, winding, Bill Clinton-esque writing style it can be longer but at this time, I'm fine with what I've done so far.

Anyways, remember the last time I told you about the new shimmer blushes from Adorned with Grace Minerals? (You can refresh your memory here if you want.) Guess what? I found the first set of blushes that Franchesca sent me before I moved and misplaced them. I think I have the talent to hide stuff in innocuous places that I cannot even find. But now I found them, I guess it's fair to do a review with some swatches so those who are looking for such information may find this post helpful. Plus I want to have a complete picture of things.

Adorned with Grace shimmer blushes swatch
Picture taken without flash in outdoor lightning
  • Dazzling is a very pretty soft gold color that is perfect for highlighting. If you want a pop of shimmer on the apple of your cheeks, you can apply Dazzling over your regular matte blush and voila, a 3 dimensional look!
  • Fascinating is a very interesting color to me: in the bag, it looks like a regular sandy color that nobody loves but once applied to my cheeks, it turns into something interesting and hard to describe. It's an apricot-sandy bronze-peachy color that is very close to Tahitian Sand beauty powder from Hello Kitty collection.
  • Sensational is another colors that changes shade upon application. In the bag, it looks like a typical sandy brown color but after applied, it turns into a beautiful bronzy color that does not resemble anyway it looks in the bag.
  • Lovely is your typical reddish pink bronze blush that is suitable for everybody. I think it's one of those blushes that you can just use without thinking if it matches to anything at all. It's a no brainer blush, I guess.
  • Ardent is a shade that's in between of Fascinating and Sensational although it does not look anywhere like the other two when in the bag. It's best used as a bronzer and also is pretty as a bronzer.
  • Audacious is a soft apricot-pink blush that is perfect for the cool tone ladies out there. I can think of using it as an everyday blush for me as it is a perfect color with some hints of shimmer.

L-R: Tenderness, Glamorous, Bemused, and Dainty

Top-bottom: Dazzling, Fascinating, Sensational, and Lovely

Top-bottom: Ardent and Audacious

How to apply these shimmer blushes:

I find out the best tool to use is the dual fibre brush since AwG blushes are really pigmented. I use very little amount of blush, about the size of 2 grains of rice, and swirl the brush around to apply to the cheeks. Of course, smiling is mandatory when applying brush as the smile will locate the apple of your cheeks for you.

AwG has the dual fibre brushes for blush application that is similar to MAC 188 brush. I have one that is similar to MAC 187, which is a bigger brush, and it works out fine for me although I would prefer the smaller one.

That's all for today, folks. Now let me go back to my data. I hope you have a good day and as always, stay gorgeous!

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