Blue-Green Look: Spring Is Almost Here!

Hi ladies,

How are you doing today? It's Wednesday and I am quite elated since the weather is warmer a bit. For the past few days, it has been quite cold in my place and although I get a chance to wear all my knits, I still prefer to wear less layers. Looking back, I haven't posted any FOTDs since New Year and I miss them! They are fun experiments that I happen to love enough to capture in pictures. The lack of the FOTDs may be due to my "less is more" approach: I do not love to layer up a lot of eye shadows on my eyes at the moment. My smokey eyes have about 3 colors and most days I just head out with eyeliner and mascara if I am lucky! But I still miss the FOTDs so last Saturday I decided to crack my whip and played with some colors before heading to *gasp* the public library for some weekend reading materials.

Here's the look and oops, that's a zit on my chin!

Since it's still cold and I want spring to come, I decided to do a pale blue-green look using some eye shadows and a shimmer blush from Adorned with Grace Minerals. The eye shadows last very long: I applied around noon and at midnight they were still on my eyes! Also, they are really pigmented.

What I used:

Top row, L-R: Forebearing, Taupestone, Angelic
Bottom row, L-R: Fearless, Dainty shimmer blush

Close up on the eye

For the eyes, I applied MAC Bare Canvas as an eyeshadow primer then applied the above colors as follow:
  • Forebearing all over the lid using the synthetic shadow brush from Coastal Scents: it seems to apply loose mineral shadows better than MAC 239 to me.
  • Using my blending brush from Sonia Kashuk, I applied Taupestone to the outer corner of my eyes and gently blended it inward. This creates a definition to the eyes that looks quite lovely.
  • Using the same brush, apply a tiny bit of Angelic to the area underneath the brow bone to highlight your eyebrows. Now, if you decide to use Angelic as a highlighter, you need to be aware that this is a very snow white color. Overdoing it may make your eyes look chalky but a bit goes a very very long way.
  • Using Coastal Scents taklon eyeliner pre-wet with water, I applied Fearless as a liner. It lasted all day and did not smudge on me!
  • Then I finished off with two coats of mascaras.
For the cheeks: using a dual fibre brush (aka the skunk brush), I applied Dainty to the apple of my cheeks. Again, AwG makes some really pigmented stuff so a little bit goes a very long way.

For the lips: this is for Gio from Beautiful with Brains. When I posted the Most Popular lipstick in HK collection and mentioned Sugar Trance on Fafi, she wanted to see the combo and I decided to use those items for my lips.

Most Popular with Sugar Trance
The color is way off!

Here's a better picture of the combo, please ignore the zit!

Sugar Trance on its own: it's such a pretty pale pink gloss, isn't it?

With Sugar Trance, I like this as a day look while Most Popular makes it a better night look

For the face, I used EDM Start to Finish Sunlight as a primer, AwG foundation in Grace 3.5, EDM Abbot Perk Me Up concealer for the under eye area, and EDM Natural Reflects as a finishing powder. Everything stayed put until midnight when Cinderella went home and read a book :)

That's all for today, folks. I guess we'll stick with the tri-weekly publication schedule for the time being. Once my schedule is better (ie, once I graduate), I will post more often. And maybe I will have a post during the weekend: 3-4 posts a week arent's so bad, are they? (I like tag questions a lot lately, thanks to my new friends and neighbors from New Zealand.)

I hope the rest of the week is going to flow smoothly for you. Take care and stay gorgeous!

Your Makeup Blogger

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