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Hi everybody,

This is my attempt to post more regularly before everybody run away and leave me behind with my blog, hah! Recently, I've been in a FOTD (face of the day) fiend. Usually, whenever I do my makeup, the look is so simple that I do not even care to photograph at all. However, the most recent looks are so nice that I think they deserve to be mentioned. So here is a quick EOTD (eye of the day). This eye look is something I do on a daily basis as it is not too bright and appropriate for conservative working environment.

The eye look

The colors I used are from my ELF quad that I packed a while ago (see this entry.) I really love Warm Chill and Amber Lights so I use them almost on a daily basis, yet barely to make dents on these two eye shadows.

The schematic is explained after the jump
This look is quite simple, you only need a few colors:

Apply Amber Lights (yellow area in the schematic) all over the lid with MAC 217 brush, then Warm Chill (green area) on the outer corner of your eye with the same brush and blend them together with MAC 222 blending brush. I used a highlighting color (white area) to apply to the inner corner of my eye with the same blending brush and blend it together with Warm Chill. Finally, I use the same highlighter and apply on the brow bone.

To line the eyes, I used Flashtrack e/s as a liner, then finish it off with some mascara.

After it's done, the eye should look like that

the look without mascara :)

Warm Chill is an interesting color: it has some specks of green in it that did not show with other eye shadows. Only with Amber Lights that the green shows up, which is very pretty! I tried to photograph this look with the old camera but it did not show. With my current camera, not only do the colors show, the details are very vivid as well. Yay to my cheap camera!

That's all for today, folks! I hope you enjoy this EOTD look and please come back soon!

Take care and stay gorgeous,
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