The Big Zzzzz

Hi everybody,

So, it's Spring Break for those who are enjoying it. Last week was Spring break for me but instead of chillin' at St. George Island as planned, I was in Spring Break Stat Camp for Cool Kids at Gator Nation, aka University of Florida. And let me tell you this: compressing a one-year statistics course into 4 days is intense! Right now, all I want to do is...


Mr. Belly was with my neighbor the whole time I was away and he was knocking on my door about 15 minutes after I was back. However, I was too wigged out to play with him. All I want to do is to get enough sleep and make my brain function again.
Being sleep-deprived does strange things to my body: half of the time I was there, I felt hungry even when my stomach was full. The other half of the time, I tried to sleep but could not. The room was near to the highway and I could hear all of the cars, trucks, and vans driving pass. But anyways, I survived the Stat camp!

Also, there were 2 packages waited for me when I came home: one from Tammy and the other one from my Secret Valentine. Thanks, ladies! Right now, I'm just too tired to write anything coherrent and feel excited about the gifts but they are really awesome!

So please give me some time to get back to my regular routine and post something decent. If you have any requests, please email me or send me direct messages at Twitter. I'll do my best to answer your questions but before that, I need to catch some Zzzzzzz....

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