Belly at Large: Marchesa Spring Makeup

Hello folks,

As a cat, I like to sleep a lot. When I don't sleep, I take naps or just close my eyes to think.

Like this!
That was me dreaming of catching some birds on Twitter.

Recently, I went online to browse on Marie Claire for Spring 2010 trend etc and this picture caught my eyes:

Marchesa 2010 (slide 14): Girlfriend got some fierce whiskers dangling from her eye.
This is the cat's meow, yo!

As a cat, I like to promote makeup trends that emphasize the feline-ity in humans. Cat eyes: yes yes yes! Fierce eye whiskers: me to the ow! Marchesa's makeup is simple yet clean and elegant, which I love.

My other favorite is Rodarte's Lolita Tribal Chola (slide 11). I should use Dao's Sharpie marker to fake-tattoo my arms before playing football with the rest of the Stripes.

Ciao, homies!
Mr. Belly, cat extraordinaire

P.S: I know my column is on Tuesday but this week I post a day earlier. Apparently, the human handler Dao complained about writer's block or something like that. I wonder if I can eat it.

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