Test Jump Break

Testing Jump Break function to see if it works :)

Yes, this is one of the bizarre posts but for those who are using Blogger platform to blog, this post may help you. As you already know, I use a third party customize template for this blog that has the hack included to install a jump link so my entries can look shorter. For those who use Wordpress, you don't have to worry about this problem as Wordpress has that within itself. However, for Blogger users, we have to be creative.

But not anymore, my fellow Blogger users! Finally, after 10 years of its existence, Blogger includes a jump link function to its new editor. For those who has third party customize templates like me, you need to do a bit of extra work to get this. The good thing about this is your old span id code is not going to be affected.

Want to know how? Click here! Blogger Buster explains it very well. She even shows you how to customize your jump link as well.

And to see if it works with me, click the link below. Do it, do it now :)

See! It works!

I hope this helps your blogs as well.


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