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Hi everyone,

If you have noticed the content of my blog this week, you may wonder what's happening to me. Truth be told, I'm super busy lately and like Leonard in "The Big Bang Theory" said, "I can't catch a break!" Today is Wednesday and if I can get over this week (and that includes Saturday and Sunday), I would be fine. There is a deadline I need to catch and if I don't ... uh oh! So, I have to do my best to stay afloat *breath in, breath out*

Today's post is about my reading materials. As I blog, I also read other people's blogs as well. If you have noticed, I follow quite a lot of blogs lately. In fact, if you follow me, I will sure follow you (and your blog) right back! There's nothing more entertaining than discovering some new and awesomely fresh talents in the blogsphere.

I don't know where I heard/read the term "crack on my rye bread" but I usually reserve it for websites and blogs I frequently stalk visit. And here are the top 5:

1. Makeup and Beauty Blog:

If you haven't found out about this blog yet, don't walk- run over to Karen's site right now! Girlfriend is fierce and has a ton of reviews/updates on makeup. It was because of her site that I blogged here. Also, her cat Tabs is so cute!

2. Cheeserland

You probably already know about this site because I wrote about Cheesie during Hair Week. I like her style and absolutely love her hair tutorials. She makes it look easy and doable, especially for people who have two left hands like moi!

3. Beautiful with Brains

The wonderful thing about having a blog is to develop friendship with other bloggers. Surprisingly, Gio and I have very similar taste in makeup! Her reviews are straightforward and informative. Also, she frequently has posts about cosmetics ingredients that I find educating.

4. Jack and Hill

This blog is something I found via Google (ha!) The entries are short, informative, and have dashes of humor. I find them to be utterly honest and I even discovered some of my favorite items from Jack and Hill. However, this blog does not get updated very often, which is a let down. So, usually I wait one or two weeks to check for any new posts.

5. The Beauty Brains

I'm obsessed with this blog! It's like "MythBusters" for makeup and beauty products. The writers of "The Beauty Brains" are working in the beauty industry and they are very knowledgeable about this subject matter. Like "Jack and Hill", the posts are short, informative, and humorous. However, the Brains is updated on weekdays.

How about you? What are your favorite beauty blogs, beside mine, of course? I'd love to know more about your reading materials, so please comment, ok?


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