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This week, I've been facing the toughest time so far: my brain does not seem to work the way I want! During this critical time, being uninspired and having brain freeze is not a good combination. So, what should a girl do? Read a book, of course!

Universal Beauty by Cara Birnbaum
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The book I've been entertaining myself is "Universal Beauty" by Cara Birnbaum. Although I have never been in pageantry, I am always fascinated by the hair and makeup on the beauty queens. Some couple years ago when Miss Japan won Miss Universe, I was mesmerized by all of the contestants' hair. The Miss Universe pageant definitely has the best hair team in the world (they use Farouk hair products, the people who make BioSilk!) Also, I love the fierce eye makeup the contestants wear so well. At the time, I wonder how I can do the same thing.

And then one day I bumped into this book, Universal Beauty, at the local library. Let me tell you, it was a very happy day for me! This book is choke full with useful tips for skin, hair, makeup, and even fitness.

Tip on how to apply blush and bronzer

You can find tips like that all over the book, not only from the hair and makeup teams but also from past contestants and title holders. Yes, from former Misses Universe! The one thing I was fascinated is their personal stories: some of the past winners still remember the days they won like it was only yesterday. Also, the title is a life-time achievement that requires the winner to take good care of themselves. And they do! Some of the former Misses Universe are successful career woman, yet they still maintain their beauty as they age. I tip my hat to them.

(L-R): Sylvia Hitchcock-Carson, Miss Universe 1967, Natalie Glebova, Miss Universe 2005, and Margaret Gardiner, Miss Universe 1978

And here are some side-way pictures
Every time I try to post some pictures for my book review, this happened! These tips are wonderful and I hope you'll find a way to read it. Maybe printing it out will help?

The Miss Universe eye makeup

...and lip makeup

...and an exercise routine

But that's not all. You can browse some pages of this book here at Google Book. For those who are into pageantry and aspired to become the future Miss Universe, this book is a must-read. For those who want to broaden their makeup, hair, and beauty prowess, it is also a good source of information. As it is very informative, one should not try to read it in one sitting. This book should be paced out and absorbed slowly. I am glad to have an opportunity to read it and I hope you'll get your chance as well.

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