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Hi everybody,

Remember the hair post I did last week when y'all liked my leather flower so much? Turns out the flower was not the only thing I love in that post. The makeup itself was so pretty and so simple that I have to talk about it.

After expressing my unequivocal love to Rubenesque paint pot (and I guess only makeup addicts can make such claims!), I decided to play around with my new acquisition and MAC Amber Lights (my crack on rye bread.) And guess what? The peachy-pink from Rubenesque plays really well with the golden-peach Amber Lights. I then used a MAC 217 to blend Amber Lights and Warming Trend on my crease, and highlighted with EDM Wet Sand blush (yes, it's a blush, I'm not kidding you!)

And I ended up looking like this:

Pretty, ya?

Close up at the eye

Semi-close eye

Another shot at my face

The key to this look is blending: without it, this look would not look as complex as it is. The fact that I only use 2 eye shadows on the lid and crease and manage to look rich probably is the testimony to the prowess of MAC 217. I would not get this look otherwise, serious!

Other stuff I used:
  • Adorned with Grace mineral foundation in Grace 3.5 and EDM Sunlight kaolin clay as a primer;
  • AwG test blush #3 applied with AwG Ingenue sleek dual fiber brush;
  • MAC fluidline in Flashtrack applied with Loew-Cornell spot detailer brush;
  • L'Oreal Extra-Volume Collagen mascara;
  • L'Oreal HiP Color Presso in Swanky.
That's all, folks! I guess I finally found my favorite makeup look for summer and this is it: I love the simplicity and glow of this look. What do you think?


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