My Messy Updo

Hi everybody,

Today is double-posting day, I hope you enjoy the earlier post so far. In 2004, I managed to do the only thing I wanted to do: I chopped off my hair into a bob! It was a refreshing experience to me as I had long hair for a while. However, before the hair transformation, I managed to score some really hot hair accessories. The leather rose hair tie was one of them. At that time, I was so sure to never grow my hair longer again that I discarded most of the hair pretties. However, the stingier part of me told me to keep some pretty stuff just in case.

Little did I know that around 2007, I started growing my hair out again. This time around, I managed to let it grow, then cringed when around 4 inches of my hair got lopped off twice! Once was a mistake, and twice was to correct that mistake. If those incidence did not happen, my hair would be around my waist by now.

The one thing I look forward to the most when growing my hair out is to get an updo. Usually, this is an activity that challenges me to the very end because (a) my hair is really straight and (b) updos usually fall down very fast when I do it on myself. But the marvel of blogging and YouTube brought me the easiest updo ever!

Cheesie's Japanese Hair Bun

I've read her blog circa 2004 and love her style. This is really easy to do but... my hair is not long enough. My updo ended up looking messier but nevertheless, it's still lovely.

I did it lower than Cheesie's, then added some pretty hair accessories around it

The closeup of my hair twists

These hair twists survived the short hair wave since 2004. I still can't believe I keep them! And I was more surprised to find them looking the same as when I bought them in Texas. They were my vacation souvenirs and they really look gorgeous!

Another shot at the hair
You said blurry, I said artsy :)

Now, the side :)

And the front
I was sick but managed to look dignified :p

Granted, my hair needs to be a bit longer for me to do some really neat stuff with it. I can't believe how much longer it has grown since last year! And that's the one wonderful thing about hair: it can always grow back.

That's all for today, folks! Tomorrow is going to be the last day of Hair Week. Are you enjoying it so far?


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