MAC 168 Brush: Fabulous for Contouring

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Just a quick post today as I have a ton of things to do on my list. Another school year just started and usually, I am extremely busy at the first week of school. If you recalled, I did a big haul before my birthday during MAC friend and family sale. While I reviewed most of the items, I still did not say anything about MAC 168 large angle contour brush yet.

You may say, "Jeez, girl! You really squeeze out everything from that haul, don't you?"

There's a yes and a no answer to this. First of all, all the products I ordered from MAC are really good and I just want to share my opinion with you. Secondly, I probably do not get to do such big hauls anymore so I am trying to get the best out of them.

My MAC 168 brush

About this brush: initially, I did not intent to buy it at all. Since I already have some (cheap) contouring brush, the idea of bringing in another one did not entertain me. However, I thought the sale was a good opportunity for me to get some high-quality brushes. So, I caved and bought this brush.

The MAC 168 is really really soft: it's like brushing your face with feathers. The softness is a stark contrast to my cheap brushes and I thought to myself, "This worth my money!" As a contouring brush, it does a better job in getting that sharp line than my budget brushes. The way this brush was cut makes it fit the contour of my cheeks perfectly. Also, it can be used as a blush brush.

However, like other white goat hair brushes, the MAC 168 is a bit difficult to clean. I used my hair shampoo to wash and the color came off quite nicely. I am glad this brush dries faster than the other ones, although it is quite a big brush.

Here are the pros and cons:
  • Pros: is really soft, gives nice contouring lines, dries fast, does not shed
  • Cons: is expensive, gets dirty quickly due to the white goat hair
Price: $32 at MAC counters and MAC website
My rating: A

I am glad to buy this brush as it does the job and is reliable. I highly suggest you to get this brush if you are into contouring. I know there are many budget contouring brushes out there but if you are looking for a reliable brush to use for a long time, please save your pretty pennies and pick up the MAC 168 brush.

That's all for Monday, I hope you'll have a wonderful week ahead!


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