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The death of a newborn highlights one of the possible complications of gastric bypass and other weight loss surgeries: pregnancy issues.

Holly Emms is a very unique case, but she dramatically illustrates what can happen when gastric bypass patients get pregnant. �Emms was pregnant when she had gastric bypass weight loss surgery, a fact that neither she, nor her surgeons, were aware of. �In fact, Holly had already lost over 40 pounds and was 6 weeks post-op when she found out she was pregnant, approximately 10 weeks into the pregnancy. �Her daughter, Juli, was born 15 weeks early and died two days later. Juli weighed only 1.9 pounds and doctors later said she died of malnutrition.

Most surgeons recommend that weight loss surgery patients refrain from becoming pregnant for 2 years after surgery. �For gastric band (Lap-Band) patients, the band can be deflated if pregnancy occurs, allowing the mother to consume adequate calories for pregnancy.

Many surgeons require that female patients of childbearing age obtain birth control prior to the procedure, but testing for pregnancy prior to surgery can vary from surgeon to surgeon.

What does this mean for you?

If you are having gastric bypass and there is even a chance of pregnancy, take a test before your procedure. Plan on using birth control after surgery for at least two years or until your surgeon says it is safe for you to conceive.

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24 Sep, 2011

Source: http://news.google.com/news/url?sa=t&fd=R&usg=AFQjCNHq9kHCzCmNbfdO03L81rEFYXe9pQ&url=http://surgery.about.com/b/2011/09/24/weight-loss-gastric-bypass-surgery-and-pregnancy.htm
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