Using SLS Free Shampoo

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Sulfate free shampoo is better for you because these shampoos are not as harsh on your scalp. You never want to have a dry, itchy scalp, which many shampoos can do. Sulfate free shampoo will get rid of the lather, which is always good. Sulfate free shampoos will help anyone to have a healthier head of hair.

SLS (Sodium Lauryl Sulfate) is a harsh chemical and, in addition to being used in shampoos to produce a good lather. Sulfate is even used in toothpastes. Is exactly that - it is free from the damaging chemical, sulfate, which will dry out and damage the hair's follicles and lead to hair loss. The idea behind using sulfate in shampoos is simply to produce a good lather, which tricks customers into believing that they are in fact receiving a good clean; however, sulfate has little, if any cleansing abilities, it is simply added to produce a lather. To this end, the sulfate free shampoos will not be able to make a good foam or lather, but these shampoos will not damage or harm the hair follicles.
Sulfate can cause an itchy scalp in some people. This is especially common if you suffer from eczema because it strips the skin of essential oils. That is not surprising because it is used worldwide for clinical testing as a primary skin irritant. This way scientist can test the effectiveness of healing agents on irritated skin. Simply using sls free shampoo can help resolve itchy scalp problems.

Sulfate has the potential to cause damage to the cornea if the eyes are not irrigated or irrigation is delayed upon contact with the chemical. Studies have also indicated that sls kept young eyes from developing properly by possibly denaturing the proteins and not allowing for proper structural formation. That's why there is a warning on shampoo labels that if it gets into your eyes, you must wash it out immediately. It may be safest to use sls free shampoo especially for children.

Sulfate without shampoo is derived from sweet lemon, corn, or other plants, and coconut. It does not contain sulfate.

People who have used shampoos without sodium laureth sulfate have found that the irritation has visibly reduced within the first few uses. Another among the sls free shampoo benefits is that these shampoos reduces the color fading process when used against sulfate based shampoos. So if you have recently colored your hair and want the color to stay longer, go for a natural shampoo without sulfate! The hair were more healthy and had a healthy shine as well.

08 Sep, 2011

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