Unique Tights Technology: Caffeine Tights

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As if the variety in colors and patterns is not enough for shoppers when it comes to choosing a pair of tights, now science is taking hold of the fashion world and putting out tights with technology! Yes you read that correctly, tight and technology are pairing up. A recent development is the caffeine tights, which are exactly what they sound like, tights infused with caffeine! But no need to worry, they are not some energy-boosting gimmick, they are actually intended to improve your body's appearance, as odd as it may sound.

Why Caffeine in Tights?

Everyone knows that drinking too much coffee is bad for you, but if drank in moderation, it can be fairly beneficial to your health. Studies show that moderate servings of caffeine can boost your metabolism, which is always popular among the masses of us trying to lose weight or improve our bodies. Well, these new tights bring that same logic to clothing. Tights are made of porous fabric like cotton, so in between the fibers, there is room to insert substance, such as lotion or caffeine. The caffeine makes contact with the skin, and you have results.

How It All Works

The tights work because body heat releases the caffeine microcapsules from the tights into the legs. This promotes the metabolism to kick in, which in turn starts the fat burning. According to manufacturers, results should start to show in about one to four weeks, but do know that they may not work for everyone. Ladies who have worn these tights on a daily basis have lost approximately 2 centimeters from their thighs, and the appearance of cellulite on their legs as been visibly reduced. Of course, results vary for everyone, but it cannot hurt to give it a try!

These caffeine tights are not available everywhere, but they can be purchased online, and they typically cost around 30 pounds or 60 dollars. And we thought coffee was only our friend when we found ourselves sleep deprived or on a deadline, but no, now it has proven to be our ally in the eternal struggle against the dreaded cellulite! 


25 Sep, 2011

Source: http://www.articlesbase.com/beauty-articles/unique-tights-technology-caffeine-tights-5243826.html
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