Top 3 Everyday Cosmetics - A Beautiful You, Dawn to Dusk

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A girl has a lot to choose when it comes to cosmetics; there are thousands available in the market. This makes it impossible to carry every essential cosmetic right from your makeup to your concealer in a small kit. Even if you do there is hardly any occasion or chance that you use them all. Likelihood is that several of them lie unused for a long time even beyond their expiry date. You could possibly want to use them and make up your mind to do so, only to forget about it, leaving it where it was all along. If you take a look at your cosmetic kit, you will notice over half of them are unused and non useable anymore.

You are incomplete without your makeup kit be it your home, at a party or simply hanging around with your friends. Fortunately there are a few from your kit that you constantly reach out for. These are the ones that you often use sometimes more than once a day, maybe for just a slight touchup or a quick makeup for an evening out.
Here is a list of 3 of the most used cosmetics and invariably the most essential ones that you just cannot leave home without.

1. Lip Gloss – Leaving home without lipgloss is like having your lips naked. It is a must have cosmetic be it winter, summer or even during the downpour of the rains. It is an essential as it keeps your lips moist, free from chaps and makes you feel good too. A good thing is that unlike a few years ago when only neutral shades were available, lip gloss today comes in lovely shades enough to even replace your lipstick.

2. Kajal – This is a must have in every Indian woman's home, as it is a great way to accentuate those very Indian almond shaped eyes. It gives you the flexibility to wear it light, or you could even darken your eyes with thick stokes of khol. Women also have the option of using it only on the eyelids, the lower lines of the eyes, or the entire outline of the eye (which is a perfect party look). You can also choose from the different eyeline colours that are now available.

3. Compact Powder – This is a great cosmetic that allows you to hide all the flaws that are on your skin. It is also great zit camouflage if you have a zit on your cheek and have nothing that will hide it. Always make sure that you choose a shade lighter or a shade darker than your skin tone. There are also mineral compact powders that you can choose from and these are a great option. These mineral based cosmetics are great for your skin, are long lasting and unlike other chemical based cosmetics do wonders for your skin.

With these three mighty tools in the world of cosmetics, getting out of your workplace and stepping into a party is now easy. These 3 must have cosmetics will keep you looking fresh and gorgeous all the time, and that too without the need to visit a beauty parlour.

14 Sep, 2011

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