Simple and Helpful Acne Scar Removal Tips

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Acne is a skin dilemma that affects almost 80% of individuals who are in their teenage and twenty something years. This figure, however, should never make those who are already way past these years to relax because according to studies, 5% of adults still suffer from this skin problem. The unfortunate thing is, while the majority of people get over their problem on acne without any serious side-effects, some are unlucky enough to develop acne scars just after their pimples have healed.

For starters, acne scars develop when acne heals but leaves a lesion or a red hyperpigmented part on the skin. Note that this is not actually considered a scar but is instead a post-inflammatory effect. Normally, the redness and the pigmentation fades as time goes by but marks like these that don't go for almost a year is already taken as a permanent scar. Acne scars are basically a result of a malfunction of the normal healing process of the skin. Taking note of this fact, one way to prevent acne scars from developing is to make sure that you help your skin to heal.

There are a couple of acne scar removal tips and procedures one can use to prevent his/her face from being marked with these unsightly scars. One example is to wear sunscreen regularly. Exposure to sun can do damage on our skin and thoroughly delay the healing process so slathering your skin with the needed protection can lessen the chance of your skin's healing process to be disrupted. Another acne scar removal treatment is the use of tretinoin (also known as Renova or Retin-A) to help increase the speed of the skin's remodeling process. Besides from this, using this also helps a lot in acne scar removal because it heals the post-inflammatory changes on the skin.

The last and probably the most important acne scar removal tip is to never, ever pick on the scabs left by acne. Though they are not particularly pleasing to the eyes, scabs serve as our skin's protection during the healing process so pulling a scab off prematurely will only prolong the healing time and cause severe post-inflammatory changes on the skin.

25 Sep, 2011

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