Perfume Reviews in a Glance

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Perfume reviews are extensive descriptions of all the characteristics of a fragrance. Both written and video reviews are available online and the former can also be seen in fashion magazines. However, video reviews are often more entertaining and interactive. Not at last, these are usually easier to understand, not to mention that they take less time.

Fragrance reviews  may also include information about the perfumes, as well as references to the design of the bottle. After this stage, the notes of the perfume are usually listed. These are categorized as top, middle and base notes in the order of appearance on the skin. The notes may determine the season in which a fragrance should be worn, as well as the target audience and the recommended occasion. Perfumes are grouped into fragrance families depending on these notes.

Other important details that should be mentioned in perfume reviews  include the longevity and the projection of the perfume. These parameters, however, are influenced by the reaction between the perfume and the individual body chemistry. While some persons have an oilier skin on which fragrances last longer, others have a drier skin on which longevity may not be impressive. This means that perfume reviews should not be taken as references, but rather as guidance.

Some perfumes may be characterized in fragrance reviews as potential signature scents. Perfumes that achieve this status are generally safe to use, not overpowering and can be worn all year long. Many people try to find such signature scents to suit them, especially when they cannot own an entire perfume collection.

One thing to remember is that no matter how objective reviewers try to be, they filter the perfumes through their subjective perception. While several parameters remain unchanged – such as the recommended seasons for wearing a particular perfume – others, such as longevity and projection, may differ drastically from one person to another. This is why it is highly recommended after watching or reading fragrance reviews to test the perfumes that seem appealing. Hence, perfume samples  and decants should be preferred to full bottles when checking an unknown fragrance. Blind buying is tricky and not always safe, so each person should test fragrances on their skin.

20 Sep, 2011

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