Natural Skin Care Tips - 7 Day Beauty Tips

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Below are seven beauty tips to seven days of natural skin care:

Beauty Tips # 1 - Facial Mask from Food

Take egg whites, some honey and plain yogurt, and instead of eating it, paste it on your face as a mask.  Rinse with warm water.  These ingredients can be used mixed together or separately or in any combination.  This will tone the skin and after the skin will give a glowing complexion.

Beauty Tips #2 - All Natural Self-Tanner

Use either tea or cocoa. If you have a good all natural skin care lotion, you can add the color from the cocoa or from tea (boil the tea, allow steeping for about five minutes).  Alternatively you can add the tea to lanolin, sesame oil or even olive oil to create a nice safe self-tanner.

Beauty Tips #3 - Fruit as a Hair Conditioner

Mash up a banana and an avocado together.   Wash hair as normal, and then apply the fruit mixture to the wet hair.  Gently comb through and leave on for fifteen minutes.  Rinse.  Do this once or twice a week for shiny smooth healthy looking hair.

Beauty Tips #4 - Baking Soda Microdermabrasion

Microdermabrasion is all the rage these days.  But you have to wonder how harsh the chemical ingredients are in the ones you purchase at a department store.  All you need is some baking soda.  Simply wet the face with warm water.  Place a couple spoonful of baking soda into the palm of your hand then work it over the face.  Baking soda is a natural abrasive that is way gentler than those found at retail stores.  Rinse well.  If you feel the sting, you will know it's working!

Beauty Tips #5 - Natural Teeth Whitener

Good old baking soda again.  And this is something that has been taught for years, brushing your teeth with baking soda will help to whiten them.  This is a lot safer than using those teeth whiteners you can buy from retail, and it's lot more cost effective.  Add baking soda to a wet toothbrush and spend a good minute going over the teeth.  Rinse with water.  Do this a couple times a week for a whiter smile.

The last two tips are self-explanatory:

Beauty Tips # 6 - Drink Plenty of Water

Beauty Tips # 7 - Nutrition

Simply put; eat healthy well-balanced meals, fruits, vegetables, lean meats, and low fat dairy.   Avoid junk food.

From this seven beauty tips to seven days of natural skin care you will get natural and healthy skin.

23 Sep, 2011

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