Laser Hair Therapy and How It Has Evolved Through The Years

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As more and more people experience hair loss and baldness every day, hair specialists in Tampa FL seek various hair restoration methods. Among the very popular hair restoration techniques used in Tampa FL to date is laser hair therapy.

Laser hair therapy has helped millions of men and women around the globe. Aside from effectively restoring hair, this treatment has also been effective in its role of being a hair loss prevention measure for those whose balding condition is just starting.

For those who do not know, laser hair therapy is a non surgical and non evasive approach to the cosmetic treatment of hair loss and other scalp problems. Lasers were first used to speed up the healing process of individuals with diseases in Europe. After half a century of scientific research and passing various tests for safety and effectiveness, lasers have then been used in resolving hair and scalp related conditions. In Tampa FL, some clinics combine laser hair therapy with other hair restoration and hair loss prevention measure such as topical ointments and creams, as well as other internally taken medications.

The latest laser hair therapy technology utilizes low level lasers. These beams are delivered via laser diodes attached to the patient's head. Laser systems which have more laser diodes are more effective as they transfer light energy faster.

The laser technology used in hair restoration and hair loss prevention follows the principle of photo bio stimulation. It has been proven that the red light found in the sunlight affects how fast hair grows, and that it improves blood supply to the hair follicles. As such, this hair restoration and hair loss prevention technique supports the argument that the light emitted from the diodes stimulate the metabolism of cells found in hair follicles to aid in their function of repairing themselves. Laser hair therapy imitates the wavelength of the red light found in the sunlight. This is approximately 638.2 nanometers to 670 nanometers.

The people who have undergone laser hair therapy attested to how effective this hair restoration treatment is. As soon as two months, patients have already reported thickening of hair as well as disappearance of bald spots in their crown. Nevertheless, the time needed to achieve noticeable results may still vary among different people depending on the amount of laser diodes used on them and on the frequency of their treatment per month.

Thus, if you are aiming to undergo laser hair therapy either as a hair restoration or hair loss prevention method, then you should choose a reputable clinic in Tampa FL; one that uses the latest technology in this type of treatment. You can ask for referrals or browse through the clinics' websites. In addition, do not forget to inquire about the treatment's cost. The price of laser hair therapy in Tampa FL vary. Never compromise quality over seemingly low prices treatments. Still, choose one that is affordable and falls within your budget and other financial constraints.

Good luck with your laser hair therapy endeavour!

16 Sep, 2011

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