How to look perfect?

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It is said that ''Beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.'' It is true that most people have completely different notions of beauty. This is why you should forget about the thought that you can please everybody with your looks. This is simply impossible. The most important thing is to look the way you like yourself in the mirror. Sometimes women go too far with the latest fashion trends and choose styles that are just not suitable for them. Let's look at a typical example of such behavior-girls with high hills that are just TOO high- sorry but 5-inch heels are almost impossible to wear. If they are telling you they feel comfortable in them, don't believe them- their feet are killing them.


If you want to avoid looking ridiculous just ask yourself: Do I like this? The fact that it is on the cover of Elle, doesn't necessarily mean that it will look good on you. So rule number one is:


''If I don't like it, it is not for me.''


After rule number one, comes rule number two:


''Don't forget the details.''


Little things are what makes a look complete:



Healthy skin is more beautiful than make-up. Take care of your skin so that it looks naturally beautiful. Never forget to clean your face with the right kind of products for your skin type. It is easier to prevent imperfections than to cover them up afterward.



You might have a gorgeous face but if you choose a hairstyle that is not for you, it will only ruin the overall effect. A well-shaped hair-style is the perfect frame for your face



A white smilebrightens every face. Take good care of your teeth to ensure you enjoy a healthy smile. If your teeth have a yellow shade, choose a whitening product that will bring back their whiteness.

  Nails You will be surprised by the number of people that point out the hands as the first thing they notice in a person. A beautiful manicure always makes a good impression. But too long nails can have the opposite effect.   Good mood No matter how attractive you look, if you are moody for no apparent reason you will alienate others. Of course, you may feel a bit under the weather from time to time but try to smile more often. Smiling will complement your appearance no matter what you wear.

15 Sep, 2011

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