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How to Get Rid of Acne Scars Using MUAC Fade Peel


If you have ever had acne, you know how difficult it is to get rid of the scars and dark spots left behind after the blemish heals. Unfortunately, many products meant to help banish scarring contain oils or silicones that irritate acne prone skin, causing even more breakouts. The solution? Use a fade peel to lighten the dark marks and help even out your overall skin tone. This peel can be used once weekly.


Items Purchased from Makeup Artist's Choice (MUAC)

Direct link for Fade Peel:


1 Fade Peel Kit Sample 2 oz = 2.50

(Comes with PH Balancing Prep Solution + Fade Peel Liquid)

1 Lighten Brighten Cleanser 1oz  = 5.00

1 Fan Brush = 5.00


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How to Apply MUAC Fade Peel


Step 1: Cleanse Face



I used the MUAC Lighten Brighten Cleanser and my trusty exfoliating glove, then dried with a fluffy towel. (Exfoliating Gloves can be purchased at most drug stores in the cosmetic department.)



Step 2: Apply PH Balancing Prep Solution



Take a cotton ball and sweep the PH Balancing Liquid over all areas you wish to peel.


Step 3: Apply the Fade Peel



Pour a very small amount of the Fade Peel liquid into a small plastic container. Dip the top of your fan brush (or any wide, flat makeup brush) into the liquid. Sweep onto your skin over the areas you want to fade.



Step 4: Allow Peel to Work & Prepare for the Burn!

Set a timer for 5 minutes to allow the peel to go to work.  If you have very sensitive or thin skin, you may want to wait only 3 minutes (especially if this is the first time you have used a peel). During this time, you will feel a harsh stinging sensation. The MUAC website states that this peel should not cause skin to burn; however this was not the case for me. The burn really was a bit more intense than I expected, but began to dissipate about 2 minutes after the solution had been applied. Try to keep busy during the 5 minute wait, and the time will go by more quickly! Nobody ever said that beauty comes without pain J


Step 5: Rinse Thoroughly

Splash face with medium temperature water with eyes closed, until the product has been rinsed away.  Apply a bit of your regular face wash, or the Lighten Brighten Cleanser, and gently wash in circular motions with finger tips, to remove any residue. This may sting a bit, so use a fairly gentle oil-free face wash to minimize stinging. Pat dry.


Step 6: Apply moisturizer

The Fade Peel kit instructions suggest MUAC's Argan Oil.  My skin is hyper-sensitive to anything oily, so I did not order this. Instead I used my regular moisturizer, which is GNC's Vitamin C Moisturizer. My skin was a little red, especially on my nose and chin. It immediately felt dry and tight after washing (although it did feel impeccably clean), so the moisturizer was very refreshing.


Even if you don't normally use moisturizer, you should use one immediately after the peel, and every morning/night for at least 4 days after. Those with acne prone skin are often skeptical about moisturizers – myself included – so select one that is light weight and oil free. MUAC makes an excellent moisturizer for oily skin called Aloe Jelly with Lavender. I used the Aloe Jelly the morning after the peel, mixed with my liquid foundation, so my skin could enjoy a bit of hydration all day.


*Side Note*

Products that contain Vitamin C are highly effective in boosting collagen production. The more collagen your skin produces, the less pitted it will be from acne scars, and the faster your skin will heal. You will also have fewer wrinkles. It helps to take an internal Vitamin C supplement as well, especially while undergoing any kind of skin transformation. I use Nature's Plus Vitamin C Micro Crystals, which contain 5000 mg of C per dose. 


Final Thoughts

This particular peel promises little to no down time – a definite plus for those of us to don't have time to hide for two days while our skin recovers. So far, one day after using the peel, I don't have much redness and no peeling. Normally, skin doesn't start to shed for about 3 days after your peel has been applied. I'm expecting some light peeling, on the areas that turned red, but hopefully it won't be too bad.



  • Use the peel in the evening, or right before bed. This way, you will not have to apply makeup directly afterwards, allowing skin to breathe, and pores to obtain oxygen. Also, skin does its best healing at night while we sleep.



  • Do not use the peel for 5 days before you need to look your best. If a big event is coming up, be sure you do the peel about a week beforehand, since the top damaged layer of skin will be shedding for 3-5 days.  Although this specific peel doesn't cause drastic amounts of peeling, your skin will look dull and dry until the new skin has surfaced. You don't want to look like a lizard for your special event!


  • Do not apply harsh acne treatments for 24 hours after the peel. If you use salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide to treat acne, skip them for one day after the peel. I did use my trusty Acne Stop by Skin Obsession to spot treat 3 little blemishes the morning after the peel. Boy did it burn!! If you do have a breakout to treat, dab the solution only onto the center of each breakout, and not onto the surrounding skin.


  • Do not exfoliate for 24 hours after using the peel. Skin will feel tender and may be slightly red, so avoid exfoliating cleansers or exfoliating gloves for a day after your peel is complete. After the 24 hour period, go ahead and exfoliate gently, as this will assist in cell turnover and help to remove dead skin cells ousted by the peel.


  • After the 24 hour waiting period has passed, you can go back to your regular skin care routine.



Ingredients in MUAC Fade Peel



pH Prep Solution:
Water, Witch Hazel, Glycolic Acid, Lactic Acid, FD&C Blue #1.


Peeling Serum:
Purified water, glycolic acid 30%, lactic acid 20%, kojic acid 2%, malic acid 3%, bearberry exract, licorice root extract, sodium hydroxide, aminopropyl ascorbyl phosphate, xanthan gum, phenoxyethanol, capryl glycol, hexylene glycol.



What to Expect From the Peel - Day by Day


Day 1:

No apparent peeling – skin looked pretty much the same as the day before using the peel. Dark spots & blemishes were just slightly lighter, skin looked fresh and clean.


Day 2:

Started to peel a bit on corners of chin and top of nose. Peeling began during the day while I was wearing makeup, so used a tweezer to pluck off some of the peeling area, then dabbed on a little moisturizer. Skin was looking a little dry and dull (but this is all an expected part of the peeling process – top skin has to dry and shed to reveal fresher newer skin).


Day 3:

A bit more peeling, in the same areas. Used the same tweezer /moisturizer routine, as the peeling didn't become apparent until about half way through the day. Had to temporarily stop using my Mattify Ultra Powder on nose and chin because it was accentuating the dry areas (that's the powder I swear by for touch ups a couple of times a day to stop my skin from looking oily). My face was super oily as usual, but now with these dry patches – so just used an oil blotting sheet instead of powder and decided that looking oily was something I'd have to deal with that day.


Day 4:

Exfoliated heavily the night before to get rid of those dry patches. In the morning used St Ives Apricot Scrub, and then used Skin Obsession's Microderm Crystals mixed with small amount of MUAC's Lighten Brighten Cleanser. Moisturized with the Vitamin C lotion after exfoliation.


Day 5:

Exfoliated heavily in the morning using exfoliating glove and Apricot Scrub. Used MUAC Lighten Brighten Cleanser, rinsed, then dried vigorously to help remove any remaining dry skin. Moisturized chin and sides of nose with Vitamin C lotion. Finally was able to go back to my regular skin care routine: Applied the Mattify Ultra Powder for oil control and pore protection, then my Estee Lauder Max Cover foundation with a damp sponge, Milani Blush, then one more layer of the Mattify Ultra Powder for even more oil control. This is the first day I had absolutely no dry areas – all the flaking had stopped. My complexion looked bright, healthy & my skin was actually glowing!



After I have used the Fade Peel four more times, I will post some before & after pics.

I noticed some discoloration was lightened even after the first use.  Also, my skin felt super clean, and some of my clogged pores became unclogged after using the peel. So far, I'm impressed and will continue to use the product. Will post updates and photos after about a month!


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17 Sep, 2011

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