How Effective are the Temporary Hair Extensions

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Believe it or not; we do express ourselves via our hair. Therefore, there is a time when we go for a temporary hair extension. Although there are many reasons for opting hair extensions, but the basic one is style that we sometimes do not get with the natural hair. Such extensions add body to floppy hair, stylish cuts to the scalp, and length to small hair. However, the fact is that many believe these extensions to cause hair damage. Despite this, I recommend to opt for temporary hair extensions such as skin weft extensions and silicone micro beads, which contain human hair that cause no harm at all. Further, these are intangible to eyes and that they are usable in any way and style. 

Raquel Welch Hair Extensions

By the way, do you know that several celebrities use temporary hair extensions? Do not doubt this, as even they were not born with those beautiful curls that you admire. Stars such as Paris Hilton and Jessica Simpson are famous to use these extensions for obtaining that additional touch to make their curls look exceedingly elegant. This is true that they all use these temporary hair extensions in different ways, but ultimately, all reveal the same effect. 

Among all the types of temporary hair extensions, the skin weft and clip in hair extensions are the easiest ones to use and maintain. Between the two, the former refer to the curls that you put on adhesives and apply your manes for adding body as well as a bit bounce. However, it is also possible to use it all over your curls. As the name suggest, the clip in hair extension is nothing but clipping your hair for style. You can apply both these extensions easily even at home if you solely aim at adding body to your hair. On the other hand, the silicone micro beads offer fusion effect. Instead of using risky application techniques such as clues, this type of hair extension use silicone micro beads that ensures safety and care while you are busy in applying hair extensions. 

Check for various video tutorials about how to use hair extensions and then select the one that is quick, easy and safe to use.


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18 Sep, 2011

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