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Updated: Tuesday, 27 Sep 2011, 8:03 AM EDT
Published : Tuesday, 27 Sep 2011, 8:02 AM EDT

WASHINGTON - The dairy state likes its cheese - and for good reason.

Wisconsin turns out more cheese than any other state and fans eat it up.

Now anti-cheese advocates are offering up the Grim Reaper wearing a cheese hat and the warning - cheese can sack your health.

"Cheese and other dairy products are the biggest contributor to saturated fat to the American diet. So the healthiest people don't eat cheese at all so the more cheese free meals you have the better off you're going to be," says Neal Barnard of the Physicians Committee For Responsible Medicine.

The non-profit group Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine is paying for a single billboard to go up that will greet Packers fans and other motorists heading north toward Lambeau Field.

The group is pro-vegan-and does not endorse any animal derived products in the diet.

But will cheese sack your health?

We raised the question with Registered Dietitian Roxanne Denneau.

"Cheese is not going to sack your health alone no food by itself is potentially going to sack your health," Denneau says.

Denneau says cheese is a good source of calcium and protein but the key to any diet is moderation.

"What you need is a wide variety of foods in your diet--cheese can be included," Denneau says.

Cheese consumption in the United States is about three times higher than it should be at nearly 33 pounds per person a year.

Another problem raised from the planned billboard is the cheese head.

The business Foamation owns the rights to the image and did not give approval for its use.

"Surely I don't want anything to do with allowing people to put the Cheesehead on the Grim Reaper," said Foamation owner Ralph Bruna.

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27 Sep, 2011

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