Emotional Liposuction

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Just like other liposuction technique which tends to reduce any excess fats of the body and somehow eradicate the burden of having discomfort about physical look, emotional liposuction is also a way of reducing excess burden that any man can feel. Emotional liposuction is a treatment that doesn't involve the use of machines or cannula and other tools used in traditional liposuction procedure; rather it involves only human intervention.

Emotional Liposuction was created by Gary Clyman, a Tai Chi Master and Wholistic Healer. He started his career in Tai Chi in 1974 and began his Chi Kung art on 1985.  Emotional liposuction is a way of finding or discovering long held emotions from in the body through prodding and poking.  Gary Clyman is using Jing to cultivate and accumulate internal power that manifest healing vibration. Various emotions can be detected through this technique such as rage, bitterness, anger, abandonment, guilt, and sorrow. This technique allows the detection and elimination of these feeling in the body which is proven to help correct muscular-skeletal problems, depression and other emotional sources that cause pain. These emotions can lead to body pain such as low back pain, neck pain, muscular stiffness, joint pain, limited mobility, recurring athletic injuries, chronic and acute unknown pain, stroke, weakness, fatigue, and many old injuries.

When patient goes to Clyman's clinic the first thing he do is to put towel on his patient's mouth for the purpose of not spitting on him. He then gives his client a cloth tied in a ring to hold on to for the patient not to clench.  He do this because during the procedure of emotional liposuction, the patients will feel so much pain because Gary Clyman presses the areas of the body where he detects stored emotion until the pain is no longer present.  While Gary presses those areas he tells his patients to yell and blow the paint out. The process may take for about twenty minutes. Right after the procedure the patients feels relieved because the emotions they are holding on are gone. Most of his patients felt a sense of happiness after undergoing emotional liposuction. Gary Clyman goes to his designated area right after the procedure to shake his hands to get rid of the bad energy he absorbs from his patient.

As to emotional benefits of emotional liposuction, a patient feels so differently after the procedure, they no longer temper so easily and they find a way to release those emotions that affects their daily life.

20 Sep, 2011

Source: http://eduardoramirez.articlesbase.com/cosmetics-articles/emotional-liposuction-5234913.html
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