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The plan utilizes food containing Lepticore, a plant extract based supplement, and ThinAdventure Fiber which are super fibers. The food choices will allow the metabolism to burn fat while suppressing hunger.

The Smart for Life diet, also known as the Cookie Diet, is a nutritionally balanced diet that uses foods that suppress hunger. These foods include cookies, shakes, muffins, soups, and even cupcakes. Smart for Life products contain organic ingredients as well as foods free of preservatives, toxins, and pesticides.

While the meal replacements are a simple strategy, dieters must follow the plan in order to be successful. In addition to the meal replacements, the plan includes eating a sensible dinner every night. The Smart for Life plan helps train dieters to consume multiple small meals throughout the day. Dieters can continue following the plan to maintain their healthy lifestyle once the weight goal has been met. Reviews containing information about the Smart for Life food choices are available at

The heart healthy cookies that are used as meal replacements are made with egg and milk protein. They also include fiber, oats, and bran as well as the proper plant and fruit based carbohydrates. Dieters will use the cookies as a meal replacement. The tasty cookies will replace a meal as well as keep the dieter feeling full so there is never any urge to eat something else. The cost for the plan averages $10 a day. Some may spend more, but the average dieter utilizing this plan spends only $10 a day. Most people who purchase their lunches and snacks everyday spend at least this much. They may also be eating fatty foods from fast food restaurants. Smart for Life dieters can enjoy great tasting healthy cookies throughout the day.

Many people understand how important breakfast is. A healthy breakfast is vital to jump start the day. Those who love a good bowl of cereal in the morning will love the Smart for Life Cereal Packs. A muffin and bagel pack is offered, and even coffee lovers can continue to enjoy their morning cup of coffee by using the Smart for Life Coffee Creamers. Those who prefer a nice cup of hot chocolate in the morning will be pleased with the Smart for Life Hot Cocoa complete with marshmallows. Healthy delicious shakes can be taken wherever a dieter goes. The shakes are available in delicious flavors, and are offered in bottles or pouches.

The Smart for Life program also incorporates an effective support system. The staff, which includes doctors, is always on hand through web and telephone support. Support Groups are available for those who wish to interact with other Smart for Life dieters. Weekly telephone conferences are also available. There are even centers located throughout the country. These centers allow those following the plan to visit the center to purchase foods and vitamins, participate in complimentary weigh-ins, and enjoy educational opportunities.

There are other cookie diets on the market such as the Hollywood Cookie Diet, and Dr. Siegel's Cookie Diet. However, their products do not contain all natural organic ingredients. They also include many preservatives. Dr. Siegal's Cookie Diet only offers cookies, shakes, and supplements while the Hollywood Diet only offers cookies.

These other cookie diets are much more expensive as well. Dr. Siegal's cookie diet packs include a 4 week supply at over $200. The Hollywood Diet offers a 21 day supply of diet cookies for about $96. However, while the Hollywood Diet may be appear cheaper their cookies are not all natural. They also do not offer anything other than the cookies. Smart for Life offers a variety of healthy options, and stand behind their products. They also offer excellent customer service. features informative reviews on the products Smart for Life offers. Those looking to make a lifestyle change will find detailed information about the food options. The site also offers valuable coupon codes on this already affordable diet plan.

13 Sep, 2011

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