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Practical tips for losing weight.

I beg your pardon, I never promised you a rose garden. Life is not a bed of roses, and even if it were, there are still the thorns to deal with. When it comes to your weight, life deals us a number of changes from the lack of exercise, emotional binge eating, hormonal imbalances, physical battles, and a less than rosy diet.

Here's the last 5 of my 10 rules to do battle with Weight Loss Resistance Syndrome™, plus a secret bonus (read the first five here):

  1. Incorporate motion i.e. light to moderate walking, swimming, cycling etc. Something you enjoy is much better than dreading the gym. Also, consider that the best recipe for hunger is to exercise rigorously and cut calories, so hold off on the heavy exercise until you meet your weight loss goal, and then transition to more toning exercises when you can manage more calories.
  2. Sleep well – You cannot lose weight effectively without proper sleep.
  3. Take a high quality whole food based multi-vitamin with enzymes for better delivery of nutrients. One other important nutrient during a weight loss program is minerals or electrolytes such as sodium, potassium, calcium and magnesium, especially magnesium.
  4. Drink lots of water. ½ oz. for every pound of body weight. Ideal women's hydration should be 50%, and men's should be 60%. Water satiates for a feeling of fullness, and flushes toxins.
  5. Have a coach, partner, support group or some form of monitoring compliance for accountability, which makes for far greater results. What gets measured, gets achieved. This includes a baseline weight, body mass index, body fat percentage and measurements. A goal weight and date, along with a plan to keep it off will give you lasting results to look and smell like a rose.

BONUS: The "missing link" to Weight Loss Resistance Syndrome™ is Behavioral re-patterning! That's right, the psychological component to weight loss; our thoughts, emotions and behavioral patterns, are often overlooked and rarely addressed. There is technology available called Creative Visualization and Relaxation (CVR). CVR incorporates light and sound, together with programming to entrain your mind to think about food in a healthier way. Do you live to eat, or eat to live? That's what a CVR "brain coach" can help you to do, eat to live. This Personal Achievement Device (PAD) is technology that truly changes behavioral patterns in a positive way, and is more affordable than ever, so check it out!

19 Sep, 2011

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