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Devin Alexander is my kind of weight loss expert. She says that you can eat delicious foods and still drop major poundage.

Burgers? Fries? Brownies? No problem.  "I like abundant, drippy foods," says Devin.

Can we nominate her for President of the US?

On a serious, scale dropping note, the author of "The Biggest Loser" cookbooks contends that if you just give up 400 calories a day then you can lose 40 pounds a year.

She did the math.

Devin should know. She lost 70 pounds and has kept it off for 16 years.

Yesterday, she told readers how to start this program, which includes writing down everything you eat for three days. The next step is to eliminate what you don't need (and won't miss) to get rid of those 400 daily calories.

I don't know about you, but I love a weight loss plan that offers eating specifics. So, I asked Devin: What should me, you, all of us reading this be eating? She outlined a sensible daily program.


Devin says that you need to have a little protein at breakfast. "It's a way to not set yourself up for cravings all day long," she says.

"I'll have an egg white omelet and a low fat muffin for 150 calories. I love sweets, and that satisfies me," she says.

"I have an egg muffin toaster, which also makes a great breakfast. The device has toast slots and then you put your eggs in. There's even a little tray to put a piece of my favorite peppered turkey. It's a delicious, filling breakfast."

She says another option is a healthy scramble with a little bit of fruit.

"I'll do a protein and a carb," she says. "It's just that simple."


She says to avoid traps that pack calories into your day without you really noticing.

"Yes, we've heard guacamole is a healthy dish, but eating big scoops of it can turn into hundreds of calories.

"Don't eat foods that are so calorie dense," she says. "Or eat them strategically."

She says you can opt for light foods instead of often-tasteless fat free ones.

"I don't like fat free cheeses, but light cheddar melted into Mexican dishes is delicious. Recently, I found almond cheese, which is vegan and 50 calories an ounce with one gram of fat."

She says not to depend on salads for lunch.

"Salads are often high in sodium and have a significant amount of fat in them," she says.

She says the dressings can run into 500 calories plus if you scoop them on.

"I've been doing infused olive oils on my salads – lemon or lime jalapeno are really good," she says. "I use a teaspoon of oil and then add a lot of lemon or lime juice to the salad.

"I'll also use one teaspoon of toasted sesame oil," she says. "Put rice vinegar over it for a nice punch of flavor."

She says to always chop your salad.

"The ingredients will mix together," she says. "You need much less dressing when you eat a little tomato with that lettuce. Instead of a bland bite of lettuce, there is flavor without adding more dressing."


Devin has a formula for lunches and dinners. Basically, she eats around 120 to 150 calories of lean protein (ie: one chicken breast) plus the same amount of calories in starch.

"I do brown rice molds and put cold shrimp or chicken into the hot rice. I'll add a little balsamic dressing, Greek olives and fresh basil. It's a delicious lunch or dinner."

She will even make yummy burgers.

"Most of my burgers range from 300 to 350 calories. It needs to be drippy to be a good burger," she insists.  

Another great dinner is a portion of whole grain pasta or red or whole-wheat rice with "as many veggies as I want."

She will sauté the veggies, but insists, "Keep the oil down to 150 calories. That way you have the perfect 400 calorie meal and it's not a small one."

"For dinner, I also love light skinned sweet potatoes. I'll load one with salsa and ground turkey," she says. "I'll even add some yogurt."


Yes, you can treat yourself.

"The key is when you have treats you must pre-portion them and put them into Baggies or individual containers. It's the best way not to over-do it," she says. "I'll make brownies, but immediately I put them into those Baggies.

"This is a way to keep your treats to 150 calories or less. Just don't go for more than one bag," she advises.


I ask Devin how many calories she eats a day? "I listen to my body," she says.

"Basically, I do between 1,500 and 1,800 calories a day," she says.

 "I remember I was with one of the 'Biggest Loser' winners and she said, 'How many calories do you do, Devin?' I said, 'I don't know.' She almost fell over.

"The truth is I don't count," she says, mentioning she stays in the perimeters above – and keeps meticulous track of weight gain.

"I weigh myself every single day," she says. "I know that's a big no-no. But I want to know when I'm on the top of my weight range."


Devin says that you can easily incorporate exercise into your daily life.

"Ask yourself: How do I spend my free time? Are you calling friends and asking, 'Do you want to go out for a glass of wine?'" she poses. "Instead of craving wine, I bet you're just craving time with your friends. Instead of a drink go for a walk on the beach or through your city.

"Burn 300 calories instead of drinking 500 calories."


15 Sep, 2011

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