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Exfoliation is an effective acne fighting measure because it helps to grow new skin cells. Acne is a combination of dead skin cells and excess oil. To get rid of dead skin cells that constitute acne, make it a habit to exfoliate your skin regularly.

Many acne sufferers make the grave mistake of over-washing their face. Over-washing your face because you have acne is not the solution to your problem because you end up drying your skin and causing further irritation. Acne sufferers are advised to wash their faces and at most twice a day.

Some acne sufferers experience more outbreaks when they eat certain meals, such as pizza or other fast food. If your acne is aggravated by certain foods, identify them and steer clear of them. What you eat can have a profound effect on the state of your skin.

Alcohol consumption is one way to damage the skin. People who drink excessively are inclined to have a sallow complexion and more wrinkles because of the effect of alcohol on the skin cells. If you want healthy looking skin, desist from drinking alcohol.

Acne Medications

26 Sep, 2011

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