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Bangalore: One of the most painful abdominal diseases, kidney stones has become common/frequent amongst people of all ages, especially the youth. With the fast growing lifestyle, people these days neglect to take a minute and look into their health at the initial stages and hence end up having a rough time recovering from it.
Are you among those unlucky ones prone to kidney stones?

Set aside your favorite dishes for a few days and follow this diet below that will not only help you recover but simultaneously keep u strong too.

Drink more fluids - Try to drink enough water to keep your urine clear. Increase the intake, by adding one glass every day until you reach around 10 glasses per day. This slow speed will help the body to adjust to the extra intake of fluids. The color of your urine indicates if you need to drink more; if it is dark yellow in color, add 2 more glasses in your diet. If it is light yellow then you are very close to recovering.

Those of you living in hot, humid and dry condition or who exercise extensively are recommended a higher intake in order to balance sufficient urine output.

Add calcium to your diet - Eat a reasonable amount of calcium-rich foods(dairy products). A diet low in sodium and protein with the right amount of calcium assists in breaking up the kidney stones.

Increase fiber in your diet - oat bran, beans, whole wheat breads, wheat cereals, cabbage, and carrots.

Foods considered to be avoided

* Try and eliminate red meat as much as you can (beef, pork, poultry).

* Avoid grapefruit juice, cranberry juice; it may increase your risk for developing kidney stones.

* Keep away from vegetables like beans, spinach, green peppers and oxalate food items such as chocolates, peanuts, tea etc.

* Reduce salt in your foods as much as you can.

* Eliminate alcohol from your diet as it contains purine and is generally excluded on a low-purine diet.

* Reduce sodium content in the diet - sodium bicarbonate, sodium nitrate, baking soda, sodium nitrite contain high level of sodium are recommended to be limited or avoided.

Foods considered to be eaten more often

* Eat more fresh food and avoid canned, packaged/ processed food like snack, hot dogs etc until you recover.

* Potassium rich food such as vegetables and fruits.

* Add magnesium into your diet - dry milk with homemade yogurt increases magnesium substance through food.

* Squeeze in some Vitamin B6 from food(the dark part at the tip of a banana).

* 2-3 glasses of orange juice a day would provide a drug protective citrate, an alternate for potassium citrate which prevents kidney stones.

17 Oct, 2011

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