Ringworm Treatment

Different species of ringworm (or tinea) attack different parts of the human body and in slightly different ways. However, the marks are usually round and red with a white scale on top, about the size of a large coin, and they almost invariably itch.

On the scalp ringworm causes bald patches, and it is extremely infectious.

On the feet it produces scaling and blistering in a condition known commonly as athlete's foot.

On the chest or back it usually produces very pale blotches which can be mistaken for vitiligo.

Ringworm Treatment

The treatment of ringworm depends on the precise nature and site of the infection. There is an effective drug called griseofulvin which can be taken orally, but ringworm can also be treated with a cream, shampoo or lotion. Do not try treating any type of ringworm yourself; see your doctor for a precise diagnosis and an appropriate prescription.

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