Getting in Shape at a Minimum of Cost: Home Fitness Exercise

Not everyone knows that it is very possible to get in shape without buying expensive gym memberships that usually come with contracts that do not get used to their fullest extent as life changes, or even buying home fitness exercise equipment. Home fitness exercise merely takes a shifting of perspective so that the individuals see their house as full of exercise equipment already, not to mention the variety of activities that can be done for exercise out of doors.

Types of Exercise

There are a variety of home fitness exercises that individuals can do to increase their cardiovascular health at little to no cost. Going on a brisk walk for thirty minutes to an hour not only increases cardiovascular health, but it also allows individuals to enjoy the outdoors, a nice break from the office. For the more adventurous, these walks could be jogs or runs, possibly training for the next community fun run in order to give them the inspiration they need to continue the exercise. Either of these activities are great to do with friends or pets, which also helps with the motivation needed to continue.

For a minimal cost, individuals who live in colder climates and do not want to run or walk out of doors in the coldest of weather can buy a jump rope or an aerobics or yoga DVD to do their home fitness exercise for cardio vascular strength. These items cost anywhere from five to twenty dollars, which is less than a month's cost at a gym and usually lasts a lifetime. Jumping rope can get tedious, but putting on a favorite CD or flipping to a favorite TV station and cranking the volume can help the time pass quickly. In addition, individuals can do interval training, where they jump as fast as possible during commercials and then watch the show while doing stomach crunches or pushups.

In order to gain more strength, there are also great home fitness exercises that can be done using the furniture and tools that are in common households. For leg strength, individuals can do lunges across the living room or down the hallway, making sure that the front knee does not bend in front of the toes so that they do not injure their knees. In addition, they can do calf raises on any set of steps, holding onto the railing and lowering their heels as far as possible and then raising up on their toes as high as possible. These can be done with toes turned in, out or straight. For arm strength, individuals can do wall pushups, regular pushups, military pushups, pushups with their feet on a chair and hands on the floor, and dips with their hands on a chair for their triceps.
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