Skin Moles

They are usually brown or black, but sometimes can be pink. They can be smooth or irregular, flat or raised above the general level of the skin, and some are hairy.

Most skin moles first appear during childhood (they are not present at birth) and one eminent dermatologist has claimed that the average white adult has between fifteen and twenty skin moles spread over his or her body; they can appear absolutely anywhere.

The majority of skin moles are entirely harmless but very, very occasionally one will become cancerous. For this reason any mole which suddenly appears later in life, which changes in size or color or shape, or which bleeds for any reason whatsoever should be examined by a doctor without delay. Although knocking moles or cutting them accidentally doesn't necessarily make them dangerous, you should never try to remove a mole yourself. If it is cancerous you will almost certainly make things worse. If it is harmless then it will very probably bleed anyway. Harmless or otherwise, you will end up needing to call for medical help.

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