Eye Make-Up Tips

Eye-liner is used to outline the eyelids, mascara to empha­size and sometimes lengthen the eyelashes, eye-shadow to add color and shade to the eyelids, and eyebrow pencils to darken, lengthen or change the shape of the eyebrows.

If you are going to avoid problems while using one or more of these products:

1 Never borrow or lend eye cosmetics. Infections are very easily passed from person to person in this way.

2 Be careful if you buy cheap eye cosmetics or use eye products made at home. These may be infected, may not contain preservatives, and may contain quite dangerous ingredients, such as lead. I would suggest that you only buy the eye make-up of a reputable manufacturer. Eyes are sensitive and too precious to take risks with.

3 Visit your doctor if you see any signs of an allergy or infection developing. Don't waste money on commercial products designed to clear up eye problems. If you have an eye problem you need to see your doctor - and quickly.

4 Never, ever put drops in your eyes, unless prescribed by your doctor.

5 Don't put eye make-up on while traveling. It's too easy to poke a brush or pencil into your eye.

6 It is possible to buy eyelash dyes that last for several weeks. I don't know of any evidence to suggest that these products could be dangerous, but they do" worry me. If you happened to be allergic to any of the constituents then you would be in trouble, because you can't simply remove them. I would avoid such products.

7 If you wear contact lenses, you need to be particularly careful. Lash extending particles incorporated in. some mascaras can get behind a lens and cause great distress. Take care, and use a soluble mascara.


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