Self-Examination of the Breasts and the Testes for the Cancer Detection

Everyone can examine herself/himself for the early detection of two important common cancers, viz., cancer of the breast in females, and cancer of the testes in males. The steps in this regard are as follows:
Self-examination of the breasts

(i) See if there is any change in the shape of either of your breasts. You should stand in front of a long wall mirror for comparing the shape.

(ii) Feel your breast one by one with the help of your fingers for any thickening/lump in any of them.

(iii) Also squeeze the nipple of each of your breasts, and see if there is any bleeding or discharge

Self-Examination of the testes:

(i) Palpate each of your testes lightly with the help of your fingers and the thumb. The examination should not be done in a cold atmosphere as the skin of the testes constricts in the cold, and a proper examination may not be possible.

(ii) Look for any change in the size of the testes or a nodule/lump in any of them.

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