Hair Dyeing with Henna

The use of henna as a hair dye has been very common all over the world. It can either give the hair lovely highlights or turn it bright flaming red. It does not change the chemical structure of the hair as chemical dyes do. It is not possible to predict exactly what color your hair will turn out with henna, as it depends on the texture and color of your hair. It is suggested to dye a cutting of the hair first. There are many ways of using henna. Mix one cup of henna with one cup boiling water to a paste or mix one cup of henna with one cup of coffee or tea to a paste. To any of these henna pastes you can add egg and a tablespoon of castor oil. This helps the paste to stick to the hair better.

Heat the henna paste over a double boiler, let it steep there from ten minutes to half an hour. Cool, then re-heat to the boiling point. Remove from the heat. Now add the egg and castor oil, and apply as hot as possible. Massage into the scalp. Wear rubber gloves white massaging. If the ends of your hair are dry, they will be more porous and turn brighter fast. Leave it on from half an hour to three hours, then wash it off.

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