Dyeing Your Hair with Vegetable Products

The leaves of the indigo tree are crushed into a fine powder and used as a dye which gives the hair a blue-black color. A mixture of henna and indigo powder is widely used. The color obtained varies according to the proportion of the two elements in the mixture.

Kohl powder is dissolved in water and applied to the hair with a brush. Years ago kohl was used to blacken the eye lashes, but it has now been abandoned as it is not water-proof or tear-proof.

Mix walnut bark with a dilute ammonia solution )one part ammonia to two parts water) to make an extract. It gives the hair an attractive brown color.

Camomile tea gives a golden tint to the hair but is not capable of covering up grey hair. Make an infusion of red oak bark and rinse your hair in it. It gives a lovely dark sheen to the hair.

If your hair is getting grey try darkening it with sage leaves. Make a strong infusion with the leaves by mixing about 4 tablespoons to one cup of water. Apply this water to the hair roots every day, and you will find a magic change after some days. When the desired color is obtain­ed use it once a week. The other way to use leaves is to mix the infusion with kaolin to make a paste. Apply this to the hair and leave it on for about half an hour, then wash it off. To increase the darkening effect mix in it tea instead of water.

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